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Tidying up a few spots of peeling paint and surface rust in the tub in the front of the Sud. I’m not very experienced with bodywork and paint but I figure I can’t go too far wrong in this area as it isn’t visible from the outside – as long as I manage to clean up the rust properly so it doesn’t get any worse. So far I haven’t found anything more than surface rust under peeling paint. I’ve bought a kit of POR-15 rust protective paint which is meant to be the ‘pups nuts’ for this kind of thing.

DSC01150 DSC01151

I also took out some of the body deadener which had cracked and peeled to make sure the metal was solid underneath, which it was. One day if I get enthusiastic I’ll take the pedal box and brake/clutch masters out of there and tidy this area up completely. Got to remember it’s only the ‘race car’ though 🙂

Alfas at Easter

Fi Jack and I spent Easter in Ballarat with the Alfa club. It was the “Alfesta” gathering they’ve held every year since the 70s and the first time we’ve been along. Despite brutal cold in Ballarat (and Fi and I catching a brutal cold) it was a really nice long weekend for car nuts, with an observation drive and car display amongst other activities. Lots of opportunity to enjoy the company of club members and have a few drinks. The cars were fantastic too.

DSC01110 DSC01127 DSC01140 DSC01102 DSC01095 DSC01100

Thanks to everyone who organised and attended the event.

Winton March 2006

Branko sent me some photos from Winton in March. We had a great day – although a major accident in the middle of the day slowed proceedings. May the gods look kindly on Bill for a speedy recovery.

This is also an excuse for me to play with flickr – it seems all the cool kids have an account these days. When did Yahoo buy that?