Danger Will Robinson

I wrote my previous post about running linux on my desktop a couple of weeks back and realise I didn’t put a disclaimer on the post, so here it is…


What I didn’t mention in my post is that the first time I installed vmware and loaded up the windows partition it worked great.  Then I was tooling about in windows (I think uninstalling some cruft) and it required a reboot.  No worries, but then my attention drifted and I went off to another desktop on the linux host.  When I looked back a few minutes later I realised in great horror that the vm had automatically booted via GRUB into the ubuntu partition.  I was looking at the ubuntu login screen, in a vm running on the same ubuntu install.  Nasty feeling.  Power off button on the VM.

Too late – everything in the running host OS started to unravel and I quickly crashed and burned.  Someone in the audience will probably pipe up at this point and say “you could have recovered by xyz” but after a couple of people had a poke around with no success I took the quick route and reinstalled ubuntu again.

Not recommended…

Luckily the windows partition was untouched.

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