Whenever I think I’ll write a blog post, I get as far as logging into my wordpress admin and it’s always the case that a new version of wordpress has been released and it nags me to upgrade.  Ooh I think and head off down a nice little alleyway of distraction.  I usually take a few minutes to remember my username/password for my hosting provider, upload and unpack files yada yada.  That normally takes care of my urge to write a blog post…

I’m frighteningly similar when it comes to writing code on my desktop machine at home – of course there are 227 incoming critical updates from ubuntu.  Or maybe I need to upgrade from Hefty to Iggy (or whatever).  Of course my Eclipse is 3 versions out of date, and I couldn’t possibly use that Java version (or ruby or pascal, or whatever it is I use these days).  By the time I get everything up to date I’ve usually forgotten what it was I came upstairs to work on anyway.

They’re my habits and I love them.

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