Scared little boy. Australian Architecture Forum 2007

So I’m presenting at the AAF in Sydney June 27th, and Melbourne June 29th. The topic is about dealing with legacy software, peppered with learnings from a couple of client projects. It’s a topic I feel strongly about and an area that we’ve done some great work, so you’d think I’d be excited about being able to share my views in a breakout session at the conference.

Well I’m scared witless. I’m a software tech lead, application architect, very comfortable standing in front of a whiteboard addressing a team of familiar peers. I can be opinionated and loud, sometimes argumentative, most of the time quite comfortable. In front of a large group of strangers I’ll be quivering like a lost little boy. *sigh*

Why would I subject myself to this pain and humiliation? I want to learn how. I want to know that I gave it a go. Wish me luck…

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