Another abandoned weblog…

And yet another embarrassed posting about not having written for …  well 12 months.  I hardly have time to get through my reading in the evenings after Jack goes to bed, much less write something intelligible.  I shall try to make amends, but I’m not promising anything.

What actually happens is that I occasionally get inspiration to write something in my blog, then realise that I SIMPLY CANNOT proceed until I upgrade to the latest version of wordpress.  No really.

Then of course I get distracted by wondering if I can find any traces of my old weblogs.  I love the wayback machine.

November 2002,  December 2002, November 2003

It’s only fragments but it seems SOOO long ago.  Of course I had a bit of a movable type weblog before then, but I can’t remember where it was – before I discovered cheap domain names and hosting.

Ahh memories… when talking about “extreme programming” made most of my colleagues look at me like I was a crazy Australian…

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