Big fat copycat

Why does it bug me so much that this has so directly copied google maps? Google doesn’t even have Australian map data yet. It’s the lack of innovation that bugs me – and the degree of copying (speech boxes, map pins).

I’ll keep an eye out for the court case…

2 thoughts on “Big fat copycat”

  1. Thanks for your feedback.

    Although we have some visual cues the same as google, we have a lot that is different.

    First, we use an ajax suggest to help people find addresses. Second we have human friendly URL system for every address eg. and third, you can add your own content ie. places, comments and photos to Zoomin maps.

    Our focus is to provide a quality map site for the community.

    John Clegg
    ZoomIn Australia

  2. Hey it’s cool that you’re reading blogs to find out what people think! I do really like the ajax suggestions for street addresses. The community features are a bit light on at the moment but I’m sure you’ve got more in the pipeline.

    I don’t have a problem with following the leader with regards to the technology – but if you’re going to rip off the graphic look and feel then do something a bit bloody different (more than what you’ve pointed out).

    Hey how about hiring a designer and get them to differentiate your look and feel a bit? At the moment it looks like a hodgepodge of images taken wholesale from google/flickr/frappr/whatever-the-current-2.0-buzz-site-is

    good luck to you anyway!

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