Tidying up a few spots of peeling paint and surface rust in the tub in the front of the Sud. I’m not very experienced with bodywork and paint but I figure I can’t go too far wrong in this area as it isn’t visible from the outside – as long as I manage to clean up the rust properly so it doesn’t get any worse. So far I haven’t found anything more than surface rust under peeling paint. I’ve bought a kit of POR-15 rust protective paint which is meant to be the ‘pups nuts’ for this kind of thing.

DSC01150 DSC01151

I also took out some of the body deadener which had cracked and peeled to make sure the metal was solid underneath, which it was. One day if I get enthusiastic I’ll take the pedal box and brake/clutch masters out of there and tidy this area up completely. Got to remember it’s only the ‘race car’ though 🙂

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