So I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon along with all the other idiot boys. I’m tagging mainly software tools and articles at the moment. Tools and open source projects I’m being quite careful to tag accurately, I’m interested in coming months to see how much I use to search my bookmarks. Articles and long blog posts that I want to come back to I’m tagging with ‘toread’.

The firefox plugin is really cool, or it will be while the enthusiasm lasts. Javascript bookmarks are a bit less intrusive.

Also very cool is their support for a javascript linkroll which I just dropped into my word press template to show the links on the right hand side of this page. I haven’t used this kind of client side syndication in years since RDF first became news, it always works surprisingly well.

I’m enjoying following the links posted by some of my friends and colleagues, which is really the whole point of this thing right..? Web 2.0? Bah Fooey – but it is very cool.

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  1. It’s link voyeurism, really, not much more than that. At critical mass, (annoying to type, ain’t it?) will have oodles of dead links.

    I use it sparingly, but I’m having problems integrating their RSS into Drupal for some reason. Ick. Phbbbt. 🙂

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