I’m writing this on my wife’s 15″ powerbook. I hate it.

I love it – it’s all shiny and sleek. I hate it – it’s soo slow – I mean how can it really be that slow to run apps, even to scroll through web pages? I love it – the display looks awesome, colors, icons, everything so pretty. I hate it – it’s ridiculously overpriced for what it is. I love it – when it’s in suspend mode the light on the front pulses! I hate it – where’s my right mouse button? I love it – it’s unix… only gorgeous. I hate it – running Eclipse is unbearable. I love it – when you get your password wrong it shakes it’s head…like far out! I hate it – what does the green jelly bean mean again? I love it – how about that user-switching effect?

It goes on from there. Love hurts sometimes.

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