Sharp Zaurus

We were visiting an old work colleague today for lunch, and he pulled out his latest toy – a wi-fi card for his Zaurus. This was my first practical introduction to both wi-fi and the zaurus and I was well impressed by both. In an afternoon of conversation the Zaurus was constantly used to refer to google for questions like “what is maple syrup made of?”, and “is baby oil a petroleum product?”. Fantastic stuff – no need to run off to the nearest computer, it just sat on the coffee table!

For a laugh I brought up a konsole on the Zaurus and ssh’ed to my home server from their loungeroom. Very usable, really – they’ve done a great job of tiny fonts to make the console readable. My friend is a linux sysadmin so the Zaurus has a very real practical application.

It’s shiny, it’s new, and it’s based on open source. Did I already mention that I want one?

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