I’m back

It really is almost a year since I stopped using Linux at home. At that time I gave up because there was no way with my limited linux skills I could get my laptop winmodem to work. A couple of times since then I’ve considered going back, but I didn’t think my alcatel USB DSL modem would work. Turns out that Mandrake supports it out of the box (well almost). I’ve been so bored with running win2k at my workplace – it was definitely time for a change in my spare time. I’ve even managed to convince Fi that moving away from MS is a good idea (don’t think I’ll try to teach her vi though).

The results are that I’m having a great time. Nothing seems to work exactly the way I want it to – I’m still conditioned by windows into thinking that everything will look almost the same and copy and paste and drag and drop will work everywhere. It’s really satisfying when something does work though.

What am I still looking for? A good editor (other than vi!) – although kevin has suggested jedit. I picked it up at work the other day to use as an XML editor and I think it’ll do the job. I’ve also still got to get the digital camera hooked up as well. And I don’t like Gaim – it’s just not very nice to use – sad to say I want it to be more like MSN messenger.

Happy Linux-ing days ahead.

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