Sold on CSS2

Okay okay – I’m sold on XHTML/CSS2. W3C have got to do something about the CSS home page though. Ew.

I’m implementing a simple reporting “dashboard” to be demo’d next week. No time to get a designer in to make it look pretty so it was time to get my hands dirty with some HTML – not my favorite pastime. I thought I might as well learn something while doing it, and I’ve been looking at sites like and the new Wired redesign. I’m not looking back now – I’d say it’s the biggest step towards separation of visual and content I’ve seen. I’ve spent way too much time in the last few years on presentation. Even when I’ve worked with really good HTML people it was always a chore – often involving handing over source code to the designer to work with. Things have gotten better as I’ve improved my ability to keep logic out of the pages but it’s always been fraught.

Now the process would be to write code that outputs plain HTML in one big stream. I’d hand that to the designer, and they can ask to have it broken into

s and s etc as required, and to apply classes as required. The designer can then own the CSS completely and totally control the layout and positioning. Nirvana?

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